We are assembling an exciting team of data makers and enthusiasts representing academia, science, journalism, government, and open source projects.

Erin Becker

Empowering people by democratizing data skills

Michelle Hertzfeld

Designing with data: prototyping at the speed of learning

Danny Whalen

The evolution of a GTFS data pipeline

Dare Anne Brawley

Urban/Information: Mapping the US Postal Service Vacancy Survey

Hamdan Azhar

✊s, 🌹s, and major 🔑s: Emoji data science & journalism

Carli Brosseau

How do I get that? Strategies for requesting data and negotiating for it

Deborah Leem

Smelly London: visualising historical smells through text-mining, geo-referencing and mapping.

William Lyon

Analyzing The Trumpworld Graph: Applying Network Analysis to Public Data

Matt 'Potch' Claypotch

A Better 'Edit' Button for GitHub-Hosted Data

Eric Schles

Changing the world with data. With combatting human trafficking as an example.

Naomi Penfold

Innovation to facilitate data sharing in the life sciences and biomedicine

Toph Allen

Mantle: A Proposal for Automated Metadata and Linked Data for Scientific Users

Christopher Moravec

Location - Trends in Time and Place

Moiz Syed

Data & Abuse of Power

Hilary Parker

Opinionated Analysis Development

Brendan O'Brien

Data Lovers in in a Dangerous Time

Mouse Reeve

The Art and Science of Generative Nonsense

Simon Jockers

Designing data exploration: How to make large data sets accessible (and fun to use)

Lilly Winfree

DIPpering the data: open source tools for data integration

Robin Champieux

Reproducible and reusable research: Data sharing policies & community driven strategies for improving the status quo

Emil Bay

Applying software engineering practises to data analysis

Noah Cawley

Can we process all this decentralized data, decentrally?

David Selassie Opoku

When Data Collection Meets Non-technical CSOs in Low-Income Areas

Jason Crawford

Data Modeling for Humans: A Learnable Conceptual Model for Relational Data

Daniel Orbach

The Journey to a better bar graph, and beyond

Paul Walsh

What's next in open data? The limits of the publication discourse

Bob Gradeck

Role of data intermediaries in the civic data ecosystem

Brian Avery

Teaching quantitative and computational skills to undergraduates using Jupyter Notebooks

Eric Buth

Open Data Networks with Fieldkit

Athan Reines

Math, Numeric Computing, and JavaScript

Philipp Burckhardt

How to mislead the public

Eric Busboom

Metatab: Metadata for Mortals

Kate Rabinowitz

Our Cities, Our Data

Adrià Mercader

Continuous Data Validation for Everybody

Max Harlow

The power of fuzzy

Nicole Vasilevsky and Daniel Keith

A match made in heaven: domain expert meets csv; gives birth to ontologies

Roger Fischer

In search for the ideal csv template to map elections

Raj Singh

Mapping Data in Jupyter Notebooks with Pixiedust

Jasper Heeffer

DDF: a data model for collaborative harmonization of multidimensional statistics.

Yasmin AlNoamany

Using Web Archives to Enrich the Live Web Experience Through Storytelling

Gabriela Rodriguez Beron

Open Contracting Data in Mexico City

Hunter Owens

Towards a Taxonomy of Government Data

Dan Phiffer

The world is weird and wonderful!

Miriam Posner

Data in the Humanities Classroom

Melissa Santos

Machine Learning is for Everyone