Why CSV?

This conference is about all kinds of tools and data - not just CSV ones. So why call it CSV,Conf? Because we think CSV embodies certain important qualities that set the tone for the event:

  • Simplicity: CSV is incredibly simple - perhaps the simplest structured data format there is
  • Openness: the CSV 'standard' is well-known and open - free for anyone to use
  • Easy to use: CSV can be used from almost every data tool out there from Excel to Hadoop
  • Hackable: CSV is text-based and can be manipulated from a wide range of standard tools
  • Big or small: files range from KBs to TBs and its line-based nature make it perfect for incremental processing



Registration begins at 9:15, presentations begin at 9:45 and the event finishes by 17:00.

The schedule is available as two CSV files, each lays out the schedule in a different way:

presentations.csv   schedule.csv

Here are renderings of each spreadsheet:



Conference venue is the Kalkscheune in Central Berlin.

Google Maps: Kalkscheune, Johannisstr. 2, 10117 Berlin, Germany

More Information

CSVConf strives to be a supportive and welcoming environment to all attendees. We encourage you to read the Conf Code of Conduct and will be enforcing it.

For any questions contact @maxogden and @rufuspollock

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