What is csv,conf?

csv,conf is a community event for datamakers from all around the world. At csv,conf, we get together to discuss open data, and how data can be used to solve problems across open source, journalism, science, government, and beyond! Over two days, attendees will have the opportunity to learn about ongoing work, share skills, exchange ideas (and stickers!) and kickstart collaborations. The rest of the week will be dedicated to parallel events featuring open data and open scholarship initiatives, communities, and projects. We welcome you to join us for the 8th year! Registration & call for proposals will open soon.

Who is csv,conf for?

csv,conf is a welcoming data-centric conference that is for anyone! We focus on stories about the people that work with data, and how their projects impact the world. Past participants have included climate scientists, local government officials, data hobbyists, open source contributors, academics, and more! You can watch previous talks on our YouTube channel, and see previous years’ schedules online (e.g. version 7 from 2023).

Where can I learn more?

Join us on Slack or LinkedIn. We’ll be updating this website as we get closer to the date as well.