A community conference for data makers everywhere

Featuring stories about data sharing and data analysis from science, journalism, government, and open source.

May 2-3 2017, Eliot Center, Portland, OR

Building Community

We want to bring together data makers/doers/hackers from backgrounds like science, journalism, open government and the wider software industry to share knowledge and stories.

For those who love data

csv,conf is a non-profit community conference run by some folks who really love data and sharing knowledge. If you are as passionate about data and the application it has to society as us then you should join us in Portland!

Big and small

This isn't just a conference about spreadsheets. We are curating content about advancing the art of data collaboration, from putting your data on GitHub to producing meaningful insight by running large scale distributed processing on a cluster.

Thank you for coming, see you in Portland for csv,conf,v4.

Keynote Speakers

Mike Bostock

Mike Bostock is the creator of the popular open-source JavaScript library for visualization data, D3.js. Previously he was a graphics editor for The New York Times, where he helped produce a variety of data visualizations (such as Is It Better to Rent or Buy? and 512 Paths to the White House), maps (The Most Detailed Maps You’ll See From the Midterm Elections), and articles (A Game of Shark and Minnow). Prior to The Times, Mike was a visualization scientist for Square and a PhD student in the Stanford Visualization Group.

Angela Bassa

Angela Bassa is the Director of Data Science at iRobot, where she leads the newly-formed team through development of machine learning algorithms, sentiment analysis, and anomaly detection processes. Angela is also a technical advisor for Mirah, a startup focused on making behavioral healthcare more objective and data-driven. Her previous projects earned accolades such as INFORMS’ Edelman award for Achievement in Operations Research and the Management Sciences; and the Massachusetts Innovation & Technology Exchange award for Big Data and Analytics Innovations. She discovered data science while studying math at MIT, only back then it wasn't called that yet. Over the past two decades she has learned to lead data teams in academic, commercial, and industrial applications. Angela also has three patented inventions, as well as 24 patent applications currently pending in the US, the EU, and Australia.

Heather Joseph

Heather Joseph is the Executive Director of SPARC, a global coalition committed to making Open the default for research and education. She has focused SPARC’s efforts on supporting new models for the open sharing of digital articles, data and educational resources. Under her stewardship, SPARC has become widely recognized as the leading international force for effective open access policies and practices.

Laurie Allen

Laurie Allen leads the Digital Scholarship Group at the University of Pennsylvania Libraries. She collaborates on new forms of scholarship to support campus-wide open access publishing, data curation & management, digital humanities, and mapping and geospatial data efforts. A native Philadelphia, she also serves as Research Director for Monument Lab, a public art and civic research project in Philadelphia co-produced with Mural Arts Philadelphia. In late 2016, Allen helped start Data Refuge to help protect copies of federal environmental and climate data through a distributed network begun as a collaboration between the Program in Environmental Humanities and the Penn Libraries. Data Refuge has worked together with collaborators to help support dozens of data rescue events that have brought thousands of volunteers together to protect climate research, and is working on building broad networks to safeguard and call attention to the human nature of data.

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Date Location Link
2-3 May 2017 Portland, Oregon See talks
3-4 May 2016 Berlin, Germany See talks
15 July 2014 Berlin, Germany See talks